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Thank you for your interest in our new and improved Toolbar! See below for full details.

Social Toolbar in Action

Social Toolbar adds social power to any website or blog, by integrating the most popular Social Networking properties into one, powerful toolbar. This highly customizable plugin will list your Social Networking profiles, share your posts/pages, display a recent Tweet, and more.

Under the Hood

Our new and full revamped admin hub, allows total customization and flexibility in integrating your Toolbar to match the branding and esthetics of your website, along with controlling where and how you would like to connect with your social channels and feed content into your Toolbar experience.

General Settings

Modify size, positioning and rollover effect of your toolbar. Enable SSL for placement on secure websites. Make use of the Live Preview feature to check your settings change in real time!


Fully pimp out and customize your toolbar with effects, colors and fonts.

Social Icons

The Social Icons area is displayed on the left-side of the toolbar, and allows you to feature and provide links to all of your managed social channels. Is there an icon you don’t see? Upload your own.

Included with Pro Version

  • rss RSS Feed
  • twitter twitter
  • facebook Facebook
  • myspace MySpace
  • linkedin LinkedIn
  • flickr flickr
  • youtube YouTube
  • skype Skype
  • aim AIM
  • all recipes All Recipes
  • apple Apple
  • beatport Beatport
  • bebo Bebo
  • behance Behance
  • blinklist Blinklist
  • current Current
  • delicious Delicious
  • designers mx Designers MX
  • designfloat Designfloat
  • designmoo Designmoo
  • deviantart Deviantart
  • digg Digg
  • diigo Diigo
  • dribble Dribble
  • dzone Dzone
  • email Email
  • fark Fark
  • flout Flout
  • formspring Form Spring
  • forrst Forrst
  • foursquare Foursquare
  • friendfeed Friendfeed
  • github Github
  • googleplus Google+1
  • gowalla Gowalla
  • grooveshark Grooveshark
  • gtalk Gtalk
  • hi5 Hi5
  • ilike ilike
  • Instagram Instagram
  • klout Klout
  • lastfm Lastfm
  • lovedsgn Lovedsgn
  • meetup Meetup
  • misterwong Misterwong
  • netvouz Netvouz
  • newsvine Newsvine
  • ning Ning
  • orkut Orkut
  • ping Ping
  • pingfm PingFM
  • pinterest Pinterest
  • playstationnetwork Playstation Network
  • posterous Posterous
  • punchfork Punchfork
  • rdio Rdio
  • reddit Reddit
  • reverbnation Reverbnation
  • sharethis ShareThis
  • soundcloud Soundcloud
  • spotify Spotify
  • stumbleupon Stumbleupon
  • technorati Technorati
  • TheWebBlend TheWebBlend
  • tout Tout
  • tumblr Tumblr
  • vimeo Vimeo
  • wanttt Wanttt
  • xboxlive Xbox Live
  • xing Xing
  • yahoo Yahoo
  • yelp Yelp
  • zootool Zootool

Included with Free Version

  • rss RSS Feed
  • twitter twitter
  • facebook Facebook
  • myspace MySpace
  • linkedin LinkedIn
  • flickr flickr
  • youtube YouTube
  • skype Skype

Share Buttons

Share Icons are displayed on the right side, and provide your website visitors options and opportunity to like/share content from your website and individual pages within your website to a variety of social outlets.


Feeds from Social Toolbar allows you to dynamically stream content within the upper right-hand quadrant of the toolbar. This content can be among several sources, with the option to customize your own. You can switch the ordering of the sources displayed by dragging-and-dropping the elements on the left side.


We are excited to announce our growing library of third party apps and plugins, all designed with the aim of integrating your entire marketing system in one, persistent web experience. We will be adding more and more in the coming months. 

PRO Version Pricing

We offer a free version of our powerful Toolbar, with the option to upgrade to our PRO version at anytime. Our PRO version includes more extensive customization, additional social channel integration, additional content feed options, and inclusion of our third-party add-on library.

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We offer embed code for straight installation on websites in addition to custom plugins.