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New Feature: Improved Hide/Show Button

Introducing our new and improved Hide/Show button!

This is a design enhancement that provides a much more streamlined and clean effect to the overall toolbar. In addition and in particular, a much cleaner look when rendered on a mobile screen.

Here is snippet of the improved button, shown on the lower left side of the toolbar:


Compared to the older version:


And here’s an example from a mobile render:


PLEASE NOTE – the background color of the hide/show button is now part of the same element as the toolbar border, and hence will share that color. Please keep that in mind, as some of our customers have put the background color of the border at a 100% transparency level. So if you do that, and then if the arrow icon is set as white, then that arrow icon would not be visible.

Thank you!


Advertising Platform Now Available

The Social Toolbar is a social communication and sharing platform employed by thousands of digital publishers large and small. Persistent at the bottom of every page, the Toolbar includes customizable share and subscribe buttons that can help increase user engagement and accomplish site objectives, such as driving newsletter signups or directing users to popular articles.

Starting now we are excited to announce the availability of a custom-built rich media and native advertising platform integrated within the Toolbar. This enables publishers to gain an additional revenue stream through Social Toolbar-sold ads or partner-sold ads.

The platform starts with an initial teaser ad unit within the lower left corner of the Toolbar. A publisher can rotate up to 5 or 6 promotional pieces that spawn a variety of content types. This can include an image, text, a call-to-action statement and content sponsor logo. When the end-user clicks on that teaser unit an expanded lightbox window appears for the full ad and/or content experience. This can take the form of a promoted video, article, embedded widget, lead-generation landing page, etc..

Our platform is developed in coordination with our business partner, Stiqy Media, and our technology partner, Thoughtleadr.

For more information please contact us at

Example of a Teaser Unit –


Example of an Expanded Unit –


New Feature: The Whatever Button

We are happy to announce a new addition to our ever increasing library of add-ons, as we evolve our toolbar from a tool to a full marketing platform.

We call it the Whatever Button.

The Whatever Button is a simple notification button for your toolbar that delivers any message and click call-to-action. Drive subscriptions, promote a product, drive leads towards an event. Whatever you’d like. It can go along with your social share and subscribe icons. You can strip everything else out and have a single, call-to-action message persistent throughout your site. In this regard it becomes a viable alternative to other single call-to-action toolbars out there such as Hello Bar and ViperBar.

Here are some examples:
Social_ToolBar_PRO_-_Dashboard_Whatever Bar Example 2   Social_ToolBar_PRO_-_Dashboard_Whatever Bar Example 1

New Feature: Email-a-Friend Add-On

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Add-on: Email-a-friend sharing.

This enables a fully functioning email share capability within the toolbar, on an individual page level. In terms of how it works, to the end-user an action button will appear on the right side of the toolbar…

Email a friend button

…and when clicked a popup module will open up where link of the page they are sharing will appear along with inputs for To, From, Subject and Message fields.

Email a friend pop up

The settings section allows you to customize colors, button copy and default subject line.

Email-a-Friend Settings

Zero Percent Opacity Feature

One cool customization trick is to set the background color and border color at an opacity setting of 0%. When doing so, the only element that would appear on the toolbar are the actual social share and social icon buttons.

Here is an example from one of our customers,



Setting opacity at Zero Percent is done within the Settings section :


Mailchimp Addon Fix

Please see below to assure that you don’t have future issues with your account:

A. if you use SSL on their site, you have to enable SSL in “General Settings” like so:
mailchimp addon fix

B. Once you do that you need to reinstall the toolbar, as it will have a different protocol in the code-snippet (or you can manually add the “s” behind http, but it’s safer to copy from our install)
mailchimp https

Please comment below or use our support forum with any questions or issues you may be having.

Welcome to the new Social Toolbar

Welcome to our new website of, and to the release of the fully re-engineered version of our Social Toolbar.

After 3 years of being a part of the WordPress plugin community, after tens of thousands of downloads of the plugin, with ongoing requests customer feedback and requests to brach into other web platforms — we’ve made the plunge. Over the last 8 months we have been developing and testing a full web version of the Toolbar, which we are launching today.

More then just a Toolbar Plugin

Our vision is to deliver a platform that allows a website owner and/or blogger the ability to connect all of their social media and digital marketing components into one connected system, thereby allowing their site to act as that social and marketing hub. The Toolbar is the modality in achieving this goal , combining social sharing, subscribing, and content publication elements into one powerful toolbar that’s seamlessly integrated into the aesthetic of an existing site.

The Problem with Website and Social Channels Today

All of the social-driven web properties that you manage should act as connected nodes within a larger network that defines a site’s online brand experience and community. Your website should act as the central hub of that network for your target audience.

The problem we see as marketers is that these networks, channels, and properties are often found operating in isolated silos and at times at odds with one another.  If they are connected to your website, these connections are either very passive and/or disjointed (a linked icon at the footer here, a Facebook like widget there, etc). This lack of integration is a fundamental missed opportunity.

A fixed, seamless web toolbar allows you as a brand to achieve a website that acts as that fully integrated hub leveraging the powers of social sharing, engagement, and site content.

Differences between the Old and New Versions

Like the existing Toolbar, the new version will offer a basic free version as well as an PRO version. Unlike the current version, the Toolbar will be managed by a web-based admin system that will allow a full degree of content and design customization features, for both desktop and mobile environments.

You will be able to implement the Toolbar through embedded code, an updated WordPress plugin and/or plugins available for Drupal and Joomla.

Then soon after our initial release we will be building out a suite of third-party plugins within the Toolbar that will allow you to integrate such functions as newsletter sign-up, live chat, and crowd-sourced project financing.

Thank You!

Ryan, Hunter, Matt and Zach

Visit West Belfast

We love to see innovate and creative use of the toolbar in support of our customer’s social and communication efforts. As part of this recognition we’ll be featuring some of these websites on an ongoing basis. Websites we feel have done a great job in personalizing and making use of the toolbar.

The first site we’d like to feature is, which is a great and engaging celebration of the westside of the beautiful city of Belfast, Ireland.

We love both the color customization of the toolbar in matching the site, as well as how tightly the toolbar acts responsively with the website in tablet and mobile-sized screens:

Here is the with our toolbar in about a 1200 width dimension:

Visit West Belfast Desktop

Then in a tablet sized 720 with dimension:

Visit West Belfast tablet

Then on an iPhone (scrolled down on the homepage):

Visit West Belfast mobile

NEW Feature – Content Feeds

More Content Publication Options

As we evolve the toolbar into a more comprehensive marketing hub, the ability to push communication and content in a persistent manner has become one of our core themes.

We would like to introduce you to our newest and greatest features for Social Toolbar!

Until now we only had a twitter feed to display on the top of the toolbar. Now we have 4 new feed options, with an optional ROTATE feed setting.  The new feeds are: Twitter, RSS, Google+, YouTube as well as a custom message. The custom message allows you to enter a message and a optional URL link for the message.

Example of a Twitter Feed:twitter feed option example

Example of an RSS Feed:

rss feed option example


Example of a YouTube Feed:

youtube feed option example

NEW Feature – Live Preview Mode

Live Preview Mode

Not only can you see your Toolbar on the bottom of the backend system and not only can you see your toolbar change as you change settings but we added a very handy feature where you can see your toolbar on your site live and in real-time, without even adding it to your site yet.

With the LIVE PREVIEW button, you can easily explore all of the design and feature customization elements of the toolbar, and make sure everything is in sync before any implementation.

The Site Preview Button is located on the lower right screen:live preview mode 1

Which then opens up a separate module where we layer the toolbar on top of your website:

live preview mode 2